The Domaine La Régalesse in Saillon was born out of a collaboration between the Dorsaz family and the Fäh (-Schuler) family. In 1958, Henri Dorsaz senior joined forces with Otto and Thérèse Fäh (-Schuler) to create the Domaine at La Régalesse.

But already in 1292, the domaine was destined for viticulture. It produced the wines for the nobles of the area. At that time, a régal, was a designation for land that belonged to the nobility. This is where the name La Régalesse comes from, which has survived through the years until today.

Nowadays, Domaine La Régalesse has been run with heart and passion by the Dorsaz family for over 60 years, and delights in the various wine cellars where the yield from our vineyards has been turned into excellent wines.

In 2020, the first wines exclusively dedicated to the promotion of this vineyard are created.

We wish you a good wine tasting!